Our original chawanmushi is prepared with spring water drawn from Mt. Fuji and local eggs from the foot of Mt. Fuji.
Fuji teacups made by Mashiko ware are included. You can take the bowl home.

We are a chawanmushi specialty restaurant whose original chawanmushi is prepared with spring water drawn from Mt. Fuji and local eggs.
The dish is served in a Mashiko-ware Mt. Fuji cup.
We offer a variety of chawanmushi ranging from warm chawanmushi prepared with dashi broth to sweet and delicious dessert chawanmushi that is served cold. We also have seasonal items featuring local ingredients that vary according to the season. You are welcome to bring home the Mt. Fuji cup as a souvenir.
Mt. Fuji! Enjoy dashi culture, innovative Japanese dishes, and the essence of Japanese cuisine in an accessible way with our warm and comforting chawanmushi at Lake Kawaguchi.
We are a chawanmushi restaurant that hopes to give you great memories of Lake Kawaguchi!

Owner of Msu Kawaguchiko/
Kawaguchiko Yataimura Representative


Mt. Fuji, an icon of Japan, is a magnificent place that embodies Japan’s world-renowned spirituality and culture, while Lake Kawaguchi at the foot of Mt. Fuji offers experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

Chawanmushi is an iconic dish of Japanese food culture! Despite not being a main dish, it is a wonderful representative of Japanese cuisine.
We hope to bring you an unforgettable culinary experience that is in harmony with nature as well as the good and precious things of Japan.
Please enjoy Japanese culture with all five of your senses.
We hope this experience will give you great memories of Lake Kawaguchi.

About chawanmushi

Chawanmushi is a Japanese dish prepared by pouring beaten egg mixed with dashi broth into a steaming bowl together with other ingredients and steamed. As its name suggests, the dish chawanmushi (literally, “steamed egg custard in teacup”) has been named as such based on its cooking method of steaming the entire cup with the ingredients inside.
It is said that the roots of chawanmushi can be traced to around 1690, when it was first served as a dish to people at Tojin Yashiki (literally, “Chinese settlement”) in Nagasaki, where exclusive trade with China was conducted. Although chawanmushi generally refers to any dish in which the ingredients, dashi broth, beaten egg, and seasoning are added to a cup that is then steamed individually, many variations exist in terms of the ingredients used to make chawanmushi. For instance, various ingredients are used in different regions to create variations such as odamakimushi (which contains udon noodles) and kuyamushi (which contains tofu).
Despite being a simple Japanese dish made with fresh ingredients and dashi broth, which can be considered the essence of Japanese cuisine, chawanmushi is an iconic dish of Japan that allows you to enjoy the delicious flavors of Japanese food culture in an accessible way.

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